A Real Jamaican Vibe

Our Story

Flavour is a powerful thing. It cements memories and brings back important ones; it relaxes us like a warm hug. Flavour gives insight into culture in a way that nothing else can - we can learn through it, explore through it and live in constant pursuit of it. Flavour is a universal language. 

At Ella’s, we’re passionate about our Jamaican roots, and we want people to know about it. Our culture brings a vibe and personality that isn’t replicated anywhere else. Our music, our lifestyle, our beaches, our waterfalls, our flavours - you’ll only find them in Jamaica. And while we wish we could put every Kootenay resident on a plane to Jamaica for them to feel the sand on their feet for themselves, that’s not really a feasible option - unless we sell A LOT of braised oxtail... But while flying everyone to the tropics may not be possible, we think we have the next best thing. We’re bringing our community to Jamaica through flavour. 

By filling our menu with dishes built on Jamaican tradition, our food will transport you to a place where the island vibes are strong and Monday morning never comes. Chef Ro has the magic touch - close your eyes as the flavour hits your tongue, and it won’t be long until you’re feeling the ocean breeze and sand on your toes as the feel-good melodies of Bob & The Wailers serenade your eardrums. Feel Di Flava with Ella’s.